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Membership of the CMLA includes lawyers in public and private practice, academics, judges and corporate counsel.  It also includes many non-lawyers involved in a diverse range of maritime activities including marine insurance, ship and cargo brokerage, freight forwarding and other intermediaries, banking, surveying, vessel owners and operators, terminal operation, stevedoring,  seafaring, ship supply and government including, Transport Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Environment Canada   The CMLA welcomes the participation of both lawyers and non-lawyers in its committee work.

Annual membership fees are $175 for individuals, $500 for constituent members and $30 for students.  Fees for non-resident individuals and companies, who may attend but are not eligible to vote at meetings of the CMLA, are $175.

Please note that before your application to join the CMLA can be considered by the Board of Directors, you must deposit with the Secretary-Treasurer your (Regular, Student or Constituent) membership dues payable for the applicable calendar year (or one-half that amount if your application reaches the Board of Directors between the CMLA's Annual Meeting and December 31). If your application is not approved by the Board for any reason, the deposit will be promptly refunded to you in full.

Please make your cheque or money order, in Canadian or U.S. funds (at par), payable to "The Canadian Maritime Law Association" and mail it to:

                Robert Wilkins, Secretary-Treasurer, CMLA   
                c/o Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
                1000 De La Gauchetière Street West, Suite 900
                Montreal, Quebec H3B 5H4.

If you wish to deposit your membership dues by wire transfer, the Secretary-Treasurer (email: will provide the necessary banking information, on request.



Application Form

Last Name:

First Name (middle name optional):

Salutation (Mr/Ms etc):


Contact (use for Constituent Members Only):

Phone: Fax: Email (use all lower case):

Street Address:



Postal Code:


Member Type (select one)

If you are not a resident of Canada, please provide a short statement as to
why you wish to join the CMLA.

Please note that if your application is accepted your address, telephone numbers and email address will appear in our members directory by default and will be accessible by the general public through our website. If you do not wish your contact details included in our directory, you must advise our Secretary at