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Welcome to the website of the Canadian Maritime Law Association. Members of the public are invited to browse the public parts of our website to learn about us. If you have an interest in Canadian maritime law and are not already a member of CMLA, please apply for membership.

If you are a member of CMLA, it is recommended that you proceed directly to the Members Only section which contains additional News and Events relevant to members as well as the full database of CMLA reports and AGM documents. CMLA members may retrieve their passwords here.



 CMI Assembly adopts York-Antwerp Rules 2016

The Comité Maritime International (CMI) at its 42nd Conference in New York City, adopted the York-Antwerp Rules 2016 at the Assembly session, held on May 6, 2016. The English text of those Rules is available on the CMI website at the hyperlink listed below.

 John G. O'Connor elected to CMI Executive Council

Former CMLA President and Honorary Life Member, John G. O'Connor of Quebec City, was elected to fill one of two vacant seats on the Executive Council of the Comité Maritime International (CMI) at the Assembly of that body, held at the conclusion of its 42nd Conference in New York City on Friday, May 6, 2016. The Assembly thus endorsed the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Mr. O'Connor's election to this prestigious position will ensure that Canada's voice will be heard in future CMI deliberations on matters of international maritime law. Hearty congratulations and good wishes to John on this well-deserved election.

 Nomination of John G. O'Connor for CMI Executive Council

The Nominating Committee of the Comité Maritime International (CMI), chaired by Madam Justice Johanne Gauthier of the Federal Court of Appeal, in its Report of March 21, 2016, has nominated John G. O’Connor of Canada to fill the current vacant position as Executive Councillor on the CMI’s Executive Council. It is significant that John’s nomination was supported by 12 of the 26 national maritime law associations that responded to the Nominating Committee’s letter soliciting NMLA views on the three candidates proposed to fill the vacancy concerned -- a larger number of NMLAs than supported either of the other two candidates. The letter from the Chair of the Nominating Committee further notes that John has contributed to the work of the CMI for many years, that he has expertise in both civil law and common law, as well as fluency in both French and English, and that his election would also be acceptable in terms of balanced geographical representation. John must still be elected as Executive Councillor by the General Assembly of the CMI at its meetings to be held in New York City in May next, but his nomination by the Nominating Committee reflects well, not only on him as a person and a jurist, but on Canada and the whole of the CMLA, of which he is the Immediate Past President. Please join in congratulating John O’Connor on his nomination and in wishing him a speedy confirmation in his position on the Executive Council when the matter is considered by the CMI’s General Assembly in New York in May. Robert C. Wilkins Secretary-Treasurer

 Vancouver International Maritime Centre re-established

The Governments of British Columbia and of Canada, in conjunction with the International Ship-Owners Alliance (ISAC) announced the re-establishment of the Vancouver International Maritime Centre, which is intended to be a major centre for international shipping in Canada. CMLA member Kaity Arsoniadis-Stein is the Executive Director of the "VIMC".

 David Doust honoured as W.W. II veteran

Long-time CMLA member, marine architect (John) David Doust of Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, was recently honoured by the Royal Canadian Legion as a World War II veteran, as reported by his wife, Susan Fletcher Doust. Congratulations and long life and health to David.

 Richard F. Southcott appointed a Federal Court judge

The CMLA extends hearty congratulations to Richard F. Southcott, whose appointment as a justice of the Federal Court of Canada was announced on May 5, 2015. Rick, a longtime partner with Stewart McKelvey in Halifax, and most recently General Counsel for Irving Shipbuilding, is a former National Vice-President of the CMLA and was a director from 2003 to 2007. He was also active in the National Maritime Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association. All members of the CMLA wish the Honourable Justice Southcott well in his new judicial functions.

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