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libraryCanadian Maritime Law Journal and Papers

The CMLA holds a number of seminars and open meetings every year at various locations throughout Canada. Attendance at these seminars is a great way to keep abreast of developments in maritime law. We also publish the Canadian Maritime Law Journal. We have decided to make our collection of papers and presentations available to the general public. You may either browse our collection or use the search function to find papers by author or title.

Please note that to encourage attendance at CMLA seminars we delay publishing papers presented at the most recent seminars by approximately one year.


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Date Author Title Link Vol.
2021-06-08 William Sharpe Advising Diversity - Maritime Law for an International Industry - Annual Seminar download 0
2021-06-08 Marc Isaacs Canadian Maritime Law Cases 2020 to 2021 - Annual Seminar download 0
2021-06-08 JM Fontaine M. Hamerman K. Shaunessy-Chapman Cargo Claims Panel on section 46 and forum conveniens - Annual Seminar download 0
2021-06-08 David Cote Developments in the English Law of Interpleader - Annual Seminar download 0
2021-06-08 Alan Cofman Wagg Orders - OLeary Case Review - Annual Seminar download 0
2020-06-12 William Moreira Arbitration - CMLA Annual Seminar June 12 2020 download 0
2020-06-12 Marc Isaacs Canadian Maritime Law Cases - Annual Seminar June 12, 2020 download 0
2020-06-12 Bobys Bhatt Bertheau Cyber Risks - CMLA Annual Seminar June 12 2020 download 0
2020-06-12 James Manson Force Majeure and Frustration- CMLA Seminar June 12 2020 download 0
2020-06-12 George J. Pollack & Michael H. Lubetsky Transport Desgagnés v Wärtsilä: Where to now? Annual Seminar June 12 2020 download 0
2019-12-20 Sean Harrington Case Comment on Transport Desgagnés Inc. v. Wärtsilä Canada Inc. download 0
2019-04-11 Riley Weyman The International Legal Framework of Marine Sand Mining and its Environmental Impact: A Comparative International, Regional and National Analysis download 0
2018-11-16 Madam Justice Elizabeth Heneghan and David Colford Limitation of Liability by Statute, Convention and Contract download 0
2017-06-21 Peter L'Esperance Regulating GHG Emissions from International Shipping download 0
2017-04-13 Danielle Rheanne Scriven The Development of Ballast Water Management in Canada: A Critical Analysis of the Journey(Winner of the Tetley Award 2017) download 13
2016-06-17 Eric Machum Kyle Ereaux Abandoned and Derelict Ships (Presentation) download
2016-06-17 Eric Machum Abandoned and Derelict Ships: Where do we go from here? download 12
2016-06-17 Richard Desgagnes Bunker Litigation: The Teachings of OW Bunker's Demise download 12
2016-06-17 Christopher J Giaschi Developments in Canadian Maritime Law - 01/01/2015 - 31/05/2016 download 12
2016-06-17 Bradley Caldwell Due Diligence Defences to Maritime Prosecutions download 12