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libraryCanadian Maritime Law Journal and Papers

The CMLA holds a number of seminars and open meetings every year at various locations throughout Canada. Attendance at these seminars is a great way to keep abreast of developments in maritime law. We also publish the Canadian Maritime Law Journal. We have decided to make our collection of papers and presentations available to the general public. You may either browse our collection or use the search function to find papers by author or title.

Please note that to encourage attendance at CMLA seminars we delay publishing papers presented at the most recent seminars by approximately one year.


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Date Author Title Link Vol.
2014-05-24 David G. Henley Canadian Maritime Law - A Work in Progress download 10
2014-05-23 Jack Buchan A Review of Problems and Evidentiary Issues Arising in Marine Casualty Investigations download 10
2014-05-23 Jean Gregoire Accidents at Sea - Action For Collision, Rule 489 of the Federal Courts Rules and the Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea download 10
2014-05-23 David Colford Contracts of Carriage of Goods By Water in the Federal Courts - A Primer download 10
2014-05-23 Christopher J Giaschi Developments in Canadian Maritime Law - 01/01/2013-23/04/2014 download 10
2014-05-23 Graham Walker Judicial Sale, Vessel Mortgages, Liens and Priorities download 10
2014-05-23 Leona V. Baxter Limitation of Liability, Salvage and General Average Actions - Rights and Remedies Unique to Maritime Law download 10
2014-05-23 Douglas G. Schmitt The Action in Rem and Arrest download 10
2013-09-13 Gillian Grant Treaty Making and Implementation in Canada download 0
2013-06-07 Christopher J. Giaschi Developments in Canadian Maritime Law 2012-2013 download 9
2013-06-07 A. Barry Oland Essential Toolkit and Checklist for Cargo Cases download 9
2013-06-07 Rui M. Fernandes Law & Order: Police and Criminal investigation in the Boating and Small Vessel Sector download 9
2013-06-07 Arie Odinocki Liability of Marina Operators download 9
2013-06-07 Peter Pamel LNG Powered Ships: Environmental Advantages to Building LNG Powered Vessels download 9
2013-06-07 Shelley Chapelski Maritime Law and the Marina Operator download 9
2013-06-07 Mira Hube North American Ballast Water Regulatory Status download 9
2013-06-07 William Sharpe Presentation - Dealings with Government Officials and Government Relations download 9
2013-06-07 Rui M. Fernandes Presentation - Law & Order: Police and Criminal Investigations in the Boating and Small Vessel Sector download 9
2013-06-07 Mario St-Pierre Presentation - Safety of Navigation and Pilotage in Canada download 9
2013-06-07 Genevieve St. Amour Presentation-Compulsory Insurance for Ships Carrying Passengers download 9