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libraryCanadian Maritime Law Journal and Papers

The CMLA holds a number of seminars and open meetings every year at various locations throughout Canada. Attendance at these seminars is a great way to keep abreast of developments in maritime law. We also publish the Canadian Maritime Law Journal. We have decided to make our collection of papers and presentations available to the general public. You may either browse our collection or use the search function to find papers by author or title.

Please note that to encourage attendance at CMLA seminars we delay publishing papers presented at the most recent seminars by approximately one year.


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Date Author Title Link Vol.
1995-12-01 John G O'Connor The CMI Guidelines on Oil Pollution Damage download 0
1995-12-01 Laurent Fortier The Marine Insurance Industry A General Outline of the Principal Markets download 0
1995-12-01 Alfred Popp The Protocol Process download 0
1995-12-01 Wylie Spicer QC The State of Canadian Maritime Law Are We in Harmony download 0