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Reports and Submissions

The CMLA generates a number of reports and submissions every year. Most of these reports and submissions are available only to members of CMLA and can be accessed by members after they log in. Below is a sample of some of our reports and submissions which we have decided to make available to the general public.

Date Title Link
2012-01-16 Submissions of the CMLA to Transport Canada re: HNS Preparedness and Response Discussion Paper download
2011-12-19 Submissions of the CMLA to the Transportation Safety Board re: new regulations download
2011-11-21 Submissions of the CMLA to Minister of Transport Re: Repeal of s.45 MLA download
2011-10-31 HNS Preparedness and Response Regime Discussion Paper download
2011-10-12 CMLA Response to CMI Questionnaire on Judicial Sale of Ships download
2011-09-07 CMLA Response to CMI Questionnaire on Cross-Border Insolvency download
2011-07-17 Salvage Committee - CMLA Response to 2nd CMI Salvage Questionairre download
2011-06-14 Submissions of the CMLA to Transport Canad Re: HNS download
2011-06-03 Issues of Transport Law Committee Report download
2011-06-03 Marine Pollution Committee Report download
2011-06-03 President's Report June 2011 download
2011-01-19 President's Report download
2010-12-03 CMLA Response to CMI Questionnaire on Limitation of Liability download
2010-06-04 President's Report download
2010-04-22 Submissions of the CMLA to the B.C. Ministry of Finance Re: Insurance Regulation download
2009-06-09 President's Report download
2009-02-18 President's Report download
2007-11-07 Submissions on Bill C-32 (Fisheries Act) download
2007-06-18 UNCITRAL Committee download
2004-11-12 CMLA Submissions on Bill C-15 (Migratory Birds Conv. Act) download