Master Mariners of Canada Newsclips - Crew Change Repatriation Crisis

Posted: January 25 2021

The following position on the issue of the Crew Change Repatriation Crisis was adopted by the Company of Master Mariners of Canada at the Board Meeting of January 21, 2021: The International Maritime Organization estimates 400,000 seafarers are stuck at sea with no plans for repatriation. Many have exceeded the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) maximum continuous period onboard of eleven months - many serving 17 months and longer. The marine industry and the seafarers crewing the vessels are critical to the economy, safety and security of Canada and the global marine transportation infrastructure. The ... Master Mariners of Canada recognize the efforts of the Government of Canada and Transport Canada Marine Safety to establish effective measures to facilitate crew changes of seafarers currently stuck in ships all over the world due to the COVID19 Pandemic. We support fully the requirements of Transport Canada’s Ship Safety Bulletin 01/2021 — Maximum Period of Service Onboard and Repatriation of Seafarers During COVID-19. The Master Mariners of Canada applaud the decision taken by the Government of Australia and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to return to pre-COVID19 international requirements after 28 February 2021 limiting employment contracts to eleven months continuous service onboard. AMSA has indicated they may detain ships arriving with crews onboard in non-compliance with the MLC. Master Mariners of Canada urge the Government of Canada to continue lobbying other IMO Member States to adopt similar positions and detain vessels that arrive with seafarers onboard beyond the MLC maximum continuous service period of eleven months. Furthermore, we urge the Government of Canada to press for a concentrated inspection campaign for non-compliance with maximum periods of service on an urgent basis through the Paris and Tokyo Port State Control Inspection regimes.

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