Master Mariners of Canada Newsclips - Labour Shortages of Qualified and Experienced Canadian Seafarers

Posted: January 21 2021

The following position on the issue of Current and Anticipated Labour Shortages of Qualified and Experienced Canadian Seafarers was adopted by the Company of Master Mariners of Canada at the Board Meeting of January 21, 2021: Financial, economic and national security issues notwithstanding, the current and anticipated labour shortages of qualified and experienced seafarers is a national safety issue affecting all navigable waters under Canadian jurisdiction. To address the risk posed by current and anticipated crew shortages in Canada, a collective and collaborative approach is required to formulate short and long-term strategies aimed ... at the recruitment, training, certification and retention of Canadians to work aboard Canadian flag ships and in all categories and areas of marine industry. This initiative should be led by the Federal Government to bring employers, unions, educators, regulators and other related industry stakeholders to a round table with a mandate to develop short and long-term strategies to address the current and looming shortages. • Employers and unions should bring to the table their immediate and long-term human resource requirements along with budgets for recruitment and training. • Educators should bring strategies to augment their capacity to train and certify mariners along with budget requirements to provide education and projections for student costs for training and certification. • Government should bring their existing requirements for certifying mariners and new strategies for certifying mariners in the future to streamline the process to make it comprehensive and attractive. • Related Industry Stakeholders (pilotage authorities, classification societies, etc) should bring their current and future requirements for qualified seafarers. All stakeholders must be prepared to fund the strategic plan and provide human resources necessary to implement the strategies in a timely manner.

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